7 Brain Boosting Snacks for Finals

It’s finals season and you’re probably stuck in the library. But look on the bright side, the weather is picking and we’ve got a couple pointers to help you get through the next week or two. Check out these delicious snack tips below!

1. Dark Chocolate: contains caffeine which will boost energy levels…and you just can’t say no.

2. Popcorn: high in fiber and low in calories! Another great energy boosting snack!

3. Blueberries can enhance cognitive function and even fight off that lingering virus!

4. Been wanting to try the new rage? Avocados are good for lowering blood pressure and stress levels!

5. Boost your immune system with nuts!

6. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant!

7.  Looking to get something quick right on campus before you head over to the library? Check out 25 Pizzas and get a smoothie that’s high in antioxidants!