Battle of the Thanksgiving Feast: What Your Favorite Dish Says About You

Roasted Tender Turkey

Some Thanksgiving goers show up to dinner with only one thing in mind: the main course. If you appreciate a delicious piece of turkey, you are definitely traditional and down-to-earth.  You are the friend that everyone goes to for advice because you always have your priorities straight.  The entire family can count on you to show up to Thanksgiving dinner on time this year!

Food Network's All-American Bird
Food Network’s All-American Bird

Deep Fried and Deeply Tasty Turkey

We’ve all heard of the new holiday trend: frying your turkey.  If this is the dish for you, you are definitely creative and open-minded.  The fried turkey appeals to you because you’re not afraid of expanding your horizons and switching things up.  Everyone at the table wants to sit next to you because you’re a great listener and totally non-judgemental.

Leite's Culinaria Deep Fried Turkey
Leite’s Culinaria Deep Fried Turkey

Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Do you take comfort in eating the always yummy mashed potatoes at family gatherings?  If you are the type of diner who looks forward to eating this dish, you are a sensitive soul.  You’re completely in touch with your emotions and definitely empathetic of other people’s feelings.  If you’re bringing a dessert to dinner this year, you will definitely consider everyone’s allergies and food preferences.

EyeWire's Mashed Potatoes
EyeWire’s Mashed Potatoes

Steaming Plate of Stuffing

If you’re stuffing your face with stuffing this Thanksgiving, you probably try a little bit of everything at dinner.  There is no adventure too daring for you and nothing you won’t try…twice.  You are an eclectic person with a lot of hobbies.  Everyone at the table loves hearing your stories because you lead a very full life.

Food Network's Oyster Stuffing
Food Network’s Oyster Stuffing

Juicy Cranberry Sauce

Instead of looking forward to the food on your plate, do you look forward to the sauce that accompanies it?  If you love the flavors of cranberry sauce, you are a passionate person.  You never do anything halfway.  When you commit to a job, relationship, or activity you go for it wholeheartedly and passionately.  During this year’s festivities, you will definitely mention the organization you are volunteering with.  Of course you can also be found covering your food in cranberry sauce.

The Nobler Experiment's Cranberry Cocktail
The Nobler Experiment’s Cranberry Cocktail

Buttery Sweet Potato Casserole

There’s nothing like the smell of sugary pecan-topped sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving.  You are kind and thoughtful if this is the dish that excites you.  Everyone loves to be around you because of your warm and caring personality.  You are every bit as sweet as this casserole, so it is no surprise that you enjoy it.  This Thanksgiving you will probably be sure to talk to each and every person at your dinner!

Chowhound's Sweet Potatoes Anna Casserole
Chowhound’s Sweet Potatoes Anna Casserole

Decadent Pumpkin Pie

We could never forget the classic pumpkin craze.  For the people who would rather eat the dessert over the dinner, you inspire.  Pumpkin pie lover, you are a leader and a role model.  You are the family member who always has their ducks in a row and is completely put together.  Skipping Thanksgiving dinner and going straight for the sweets is pretty much the only time you ever lack self control.

Bergen County's Dairy-Free, Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie
Bergen County’s Dairy-Free, Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie