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Two Rutgers University students, Jordan Dermon and Albert Hermans, were sick and tired of never having a menu or phone number for their favorite restaurants in the New Brunswick area. They searched and desired a site that would have updated menus and phone numbers for Rutgers students and citizens alike, but could not find a resource that would be able to fulfill those needs. They decided to develop a website called Scarletmenus.com that would be the most inclusive and comprehensive restaurant and bar guide that would encompass the needs and desires of the students and residents of New Brunswick.

Even though developing Scarletmenus.com required tons of hard work, persistence, and negotiating, both Jordan and Albert understood that Scarletmenus.com would greatly benefit the students, faculty, and residents of New Brunswick.

Jordan and Albert created an extremely simple and easy to navigate website to satisfy that hunger craving. Scarletmenus.com offers everything a college student needs including updated menus and restaurant information, food specials, and the ability to order online. Scarletmenus.com is a great online resource for all your dining needs and is something that has been long overdue. Look for Jordan and Albert spreading the word around campus and enjoy the website!

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